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CN-101458927-A: Method and system for generating and detecting confusion sound patent, CN-101458997-A: 键盘的剪刀结构的组合装置及方法 patent, CN-101459029-A: 自镇流一体化荧光灯 patent, CN-101459704-A: Sliding mechanism apparatus and appliance integrated with the same patent, CN-101459878-A: Method, equipment and system for implementing press-and-call charging patent, CN-101460315-A: An outcase of refrigerator and method for manufacturing the same patent, CN-101461876-A: External-use medicinal liquor, medicinal stone and preparation method thereof patent, CN-101462063-A: Desulfurizing agent for removing carbonyl sulfur, thiol and hydrogen sulphide by catalytic oxidation as well as preparation and application patent, CN-101463070-A: Technology for solid phase synthesis of peptide by WANG strategy patent, CN-101463675-A: Composite spring type anti-poking lock without rotating key patent, CN-101464064-A: Solar heat absorption pipe and production method thereof patent, CN-101465134-A: Optical pickup device and assembling method thereof patent, CN-101465430-A: Direct hydrogen storage alloy anode catalyst for borohydride fuel battery patent, CN-101465762-A: 一种检测保护组端口间错连的方法、设备及系统 patent, CN-101466104-A: Method, system and device for detecting down interference source patent, CN-101466745-A: Polymeric beads and methods of making polymeric beads patent, CN-101469202-A: 表达10y 7/11颜料的组合物及用此组合物制备颜色表征物的技术方法 patent, CN-101469858-A: Electronic equipments with illuminating apparatus patent, CN-101470192-A: Configurable radar detection and avoidance system for wireless OFDM tranceivers patent, CN-101470643-A: 固定硬件安全单元备份、恢复方法及系统 patent, CN-101470739-A: 网页操作及显示的转换系统及其方法 patent, CN-101471678-A: 一种汽车网关及其控制方法 patent, CN-101472067-A: 修正红眼方法 patent, CN-101472870-A: Process for making dibutyl ethers from dry 1-butanol patent, CN-101472962-A: 树脂组合物和使用其对被加工构件进行临时固定的方法和表面保护方法 patent, CN-101473087-A: Method for dyeing with afterchroming dyes patent, CN-101473330-A: 为内容购买提供安全性的方法和设备 patent, CN-101474984-A: 安全带装置 patent, CN-101475273-A: Miniature apparatus for preparing drinking water by manual pressurization patent, CN-101476197-A: 18G full-automatic computer glove knitting machine patent, CN-101476298-A: Integral bridge descending construction method and construction equipment patent, CN-101476396-A: 一种用纤维编织网和精细混凝土加固建筑结构的方法 patent, CN-101476404-A: 节能减排型立体自动车库 patent, CN-101476808-A: 带余热利用型消毒柜的节能冰箱 patent, CN-101476916-A: Detection method for mutual relation of fuel tank volume, fuel level and oil pump output resistance patent, CN-101476972-A: 风洞风机驱动装置 patent, CN-101477312-A: Exposure apparatus and device producing method patent, CN-101477511-A: Method and apparatus for sharing memory medium between multiple operating systems patent, CN-101478330-A: 超短波高速电台快速自适应均衡模块及其方法 patent, CN-101478431-A: Task scheduling system for management by visible process patent, CN-101479069-A: Tap holder patent, CN-101479121-A: 塑料摆动支撑 patent, CN-101479434-A: 用于屋顶的瓦片和瓦片组件 patent, CN-101479832-A: 移动体装置、曝光装置和曝光方法以及元件制造方法 patent, CN-101479960-A: 无线转发器组件 patent, CN-101481070-A: Telescopic boom patent, CN-101481303-A: 非环状乙缩醛表面活性剂的合成方法 patent, CN-101481690-A: Gene engineering preparation method of anti-Candida albicans antibacterial peptide patent, CN-101481918-A: Control method and control device for hydraulic shovel scraper bucket patent, CN-101482809-A: 在多模处理器中用指令终止位决定指令长度的装置及方法 patent, CN-101482894-A: 组合列车运行控制仿真系统及仿真方法 patent, CN-101484852-A: Laminate sheet and display screen patent, CN-101485436-A: 番茄酱厂生产用水三级重复与循环使用方法 patent, CN-101485644-A: 一种新型控释胶囊剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-101487828-A: 一种异氰尿酸三缩水甘油酯的检测方法 patent, CN-101487841-A: 一种包被载体及其在检测精子成熟度和无创分离成熟精子方法中的应用 patent, CN-101489072-A: Front interface moving apparatus for television patent, CN-101490204-A: 用于提高氧化物移除速率的镓与铬离子 patent, CN-101490618-A: 用于使移动的基板上的薄膜图案化的方法及工具 patent, CN-101492223-A: 一种煤中低温干馏产生的污水处理工艺 patent, CN-101492925-A: 具有动臂优先的液压执行系统 patent, CN-101493029-A: 涡轮增压器及气缸盖 patent, CN-101493159-A: 热力膨胀阀 patent, CN-101493168-A: Quick closing device and pipe joint with the quick closing device patent, CN-101493622-A: 画素数组基板 patent, CN-101493973-A: Cash dealing system and method patent, CN-101494435-A: Electronic power variation, speed variation wind power generator patent, CN-101494457-A: 延迟锁定回路电路及其中消除信号间抖动和偏移的方法 patent, CN-101494660-A: 一种手机网络导航中信息点的获取方法 patent, CN-101494994-A: Ready-to-eat feed for domestic pets patent, CN-101495246-A: Method for producing organic thin film by using film physical property improving process patent, CN-101495269-A: Method of grinding an indexable insert and grinding wheel for carrying out the grinding method patent, CN-101495873-A: Signal analyzer and method for signal analysis patent, CN-101496812-A: 重伤大型中华鲟快速康复组剂 patent, CN-101497764-A: 一种聚醚砜水溶性涂料的配方及生产工艺 patent, CN-101497821-A: Dispersing method for catalyst patent, CN-101498741-A: Temperature compensation method for multifunctional electric energy meter patent, CN-101498909-A: 成像设备 patent, CN-101499673-A: 一种用于电动汽车的具有补偿充电的多功能一体化充电机 patent, CN-101499689-A: 电机装配轴承时注胶固持的方法和结构 patent, CN-101501919-A: 提供两种或更多种工作电压的堆叠型二次电池 patent, CN-101501999-A: Data coding patent, CN-101502027-A: 用于在通信系统中控制功率的系统和方法 patent, CN-101502603-A: Chinese medicine for treating bone fracture patent, CN-101502833-A: High-frequency dewatering screen patent, CN-101503285-A: Functional agent for improving pit mud moisture retention property and bioactivity, as well as preparation thereof patent, CN-101503339-A: Method for synthesizing optical activity 2,3-allenes secondary alcohol patent, CN-101503778-A: 一种大磁致伸缩合金丝的制备方法 patent, CN-101504494-A: 一种液晶显示器基板测试装置及其测试方法 patent, CN-101504840-A: 光信息记录设备和记录校正计算方法 patent, CN-101506016-A: Two-stage solenoid valve for an electropneumatic valve control unit patent, CN-101506978-A: Complementary silicon-on-insulator (SOI) junction field effect transistor and method of manufacturing patent, CN-101507198-A: 电信网络接入设备 patent, CN-101508211-A: Printer paper-out detection device patent, CN-101508840-A: 一种绿色环保阻燃pa6/pp合金及其制备方法 patent, CN-101509744-A: Microchannel for compact heat exchanger and atomic diffusion bonding manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-101510389-A: Display device patent, CN-101510619-A: 带多孔板增湿器的负压增湿车载燃料电池系统 patent, CN-101511539-A: Polishing apparatus and polishing method patent, CN-101512246-A: 制冷装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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